Price Guide by Slapped

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Price Guide by Slapped

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:03 pm

Party hats = 250m each
Torva set = 4b
Virtus set =3b
Pernix set =2b
Custom phats = 50b
Dragon claws = 1500m
Ags = 950m
Divine spirt shield = 1500m
Arcane spirt shield=  1300m
Ely. spirt shield= 1100m
Spectral spirt shield = 1100m
Hweens = 350m each
Chaotic maul = 450m
Chaotic rapier = 425m
Chaotic longsword = 480m
Chaotic staff = 380m
Steadfast boots = 2b
Ragefire boots = 2b
Glaiven boots = 2b
Santa hat = 400m
bandos tasset = 900m
bandos chest plate = 900m
Vesta longsword = 150m
Vesta chainbody = 220m
vesta legs = 210m
dh set = 250m
barrow sets besides dh = 100m
whips = 65m
Firecape = 12m
Slayer helmet = 30m

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